Set-Work CONSTRUCTION is positioned as a public works building company, big works. We implement quality materials and efficient techniques etc. The company has its own equipment park to guarantee the speed of interventions. At Set-Work, we manage educational, commercial and residential projects at all levels. Our staff and partner companies can meet the needs of your project, regardless of size. Our policy is to hire competent and serious staff to meet your needs at surprisingly reasonable prices. Set-Work BTP relies on its professionalism and a real industrial culture to offer you the solution best suited to your needs. Our quality being expressed not only during the reception of the realized work but also through the method used, the technical mastery proposed and the productivity, throughout the building site:
Road and civil engineering - Construction and Renovation - Landscaping & Finishing - Facade plasters - Electrical equipment - Waterproofing - Structural work - Locksmithing - Metallic joinery

“Our security services;“

the protection of movable and immovable property (guarding) as well as those of natural or legal persons
Vehicle filtering, people screening, access control and flow management.

Global Intelligence Security offers the following formulas:
Round opening and / or closing of access (grids, gantries, etc.), rounds of prevention and deterrence, rounds of surveillance and prevention, round on foot, round in vehicle, accompaniment of people
monitoring of fixed points (gates, premises, computer room, etc.), surveillance and large areas (housekeeping, stations, car parks, stands, trade shows, fairs, concerts, etc.).

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